Although I scribe this accounting to paper, I am not the story’s author. The Brother who knew this tale – either by experience or by re-telling – came to me one day and requested I make this record. I listened to his words and eagerly agreed.

What you hold in your hands is the result of hours of transcription and a life of dedicated loyalty to the cause of our colony’s continued survival. This is the story of Brothers – members of an elite guard that protect the life and freedom of our society. Their sacrifices shaped the course of history, and definied a future for all mousekind.

True heroes are not born, but created. The memory of their deeds are often the only proof or recourse to their existence. We sing the song of their names in honor of their bravery and victories. There is no greater glory than to be remembered – no greater reward than immortality by verse.

My job as humble historian obliged, I now share this account with you, curious reader. Please help me share it with others, so they too may know and other generations shall not forget. Even if the Brotherhood has long been disbanded and gone.

While other tales can be suspect of truth and accuracy, know you that a Brother spoke these words.

~ Conranz, Bastion Historian of Holpes in the Librum at Testimony

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